Our Services

You're only as good as your tools.

Global Consolidated Services (GCS) is the travel industry-facing division of DH Enterprise & Associates. GCS handles virtually every aspect of leisure travel management on behalf of our brands. It is an industry leader in leisure travel management solutions. We are an all-inclusive service provider for high touch self-guided, volume driven, predesigned, escorted, custom (FIT), and group vacations. For more than three decades, we have taken care of hundreds of thousands of travelers, leveraged our buying power to negotiate the lowest rates, and spent millions on technology research and development.

Customer Service

GCS has a comprehensive sales and administrative support team in our call center. Our call center handles over 15,000 calls a month for all our managed brands. Our calls are handled by our staff of highly qualified, trained and customer-centric experts. These experts bring our product to life with their “can do” and “will do” attitude. Additionally, our in-destination support teams will make sure our travelers always have someone to turn to when away from home.


Beyond our expertise in travel is our commitment to technology. Centered around our fiduciary responsibilities of data integrity and security, we have invested significant capital to automate the interface between the customer acquisition channel and the travel vendor. We aim to get product in the hands of customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have a state of the art inventory management system that allows millions of air inclusive price points to be searched and quoted daily. Additionally, we've built a bespoke customer facing desktop and mobile experience unrivaled amongst our peers in the industry. Our extensive research and development has led to a scalable, reliable environment designed around what both the travel customer needs and the travel supplier requires to purchase and deliver the perfect vacation.